Vensum Power Ltd

Software defined

Power conversion

More efficient, more flexible, more scalable. Our research-backed and patented technology
simply outperforms conventional power-conversion technologies.


Power conversion is a key enabling technology behind some of the fastest growing green businesses, including solar power production, electric vehicle charging, and data center optimization. Yet, the technology used for power conversion is decades old, inefficient, and overly expensive.

Similarly to software-defined radio – which is a backbone of the modern mobile communications industry – software-defined power conversion has the potential to revolutionize the power conversion industry.

After a successful career in telecommunications, the founder of Vensum Power, Dr. Jyrki Penttonen, identified and set out to tackle two fundamental issues of power conversion in his PhD research: poor conversion efficiency and rigid topologies.

The research team lead by Dr. Penttonen developed the no-loss Zero-Voltage Switching technology of Vensum Power that allows for significantly higher frequencies, smaller size, and longer life cycles than existing technologies.

Another radical innovation behind Vensum Power is Universal Topology: the same topology applies to any application. Universal Topology allows power-switching solutions to be built for any application with just three core building blocks.





High frequency, low loss

Vensum Power technology allows building power converters operating at much higher switching frequencies, than is possible today. This is made possible by innovative new approaches and novel power conversion topologies in which the switching losses of power transistor are eliminated. Higher frequencies make the converters small, which further reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Vensum advantages

Unlimited scalability

Scales from 1 KW to 100 KW and up

Higher frequencies

Up to 2 MHz switching frequency

Higher efficiency

Up to 75% less conversion losses

Longer lifecycle

No electrolytic capacitors needed

Smaller sizes

Up to an order of magnitude smaller

GaN fet based

GaN outperforms MOSFETs

We work with our customers directly licensing the technology on OEM basis.

Game-changing improvements

Re-thinking the fundamentals

Vensum Power Ltd

1. Less expensive

By using off-the-shelf components and eliminating e.g. electrolytic capacitors, SDPC reduces manufacturing cost.

2. More flexible

The same components and modules can be used for different topologies and loads for far more flexible designs.

3. More scalable

Simply add more switching bridges to scale capacity without design changes.

6. More efficient

Higher switching frequency, GaN FET’s, and patented technology for up to 30% less energy loss.

5. Longer lifecycle

Elimination of electrolytic capacitors and fully digital design significantly increase MTBF.

4. Smaller and lighter

Smaller losses and reduced of component count result in smaller and lighter packages.