Vensum Power closes seed funding round

Vensum Power is poised to disrupt the power conversion industry with its Unified Software-Defined Power Conversion technology.

Helsinki, Finland, November 6, 2019 – Vensum Power, the creator of the game-changing Unified Software Defined Power Conversion (USDPC) technology, has raised €1M in seed funding from Lifeline Ventures, a leading Nordic early-stage technology investor.

Vensum Power’s USDPC technology removes the bottlenecks in existing power conversion systems. It reduces switching losses to the minimum via patent pending softswitching methods. It also implements a true multiport configuration in which the same modular architecture adapts to any topology or application or any power level.

Current power conversion technologies are a bottleneck limiting the growth of numerous industries. Vensum Power’s USDPC technology removes these bottlenecks and simplifies the design of power conversion modules and makes power conversion flexible, scalable, affordable, and efficient. The USDPC technology will enable new electric applications, accelerate the growth of the smart electrics industry, and help its customers create better products in some of the fastest growing green businesses such as solar power production, electric vehicle charging, data center optimization.

The funding enables Vensum Power to complete the development of the first product generation and enter the market during 2020.

The core innovations underlying Vensum Power’s USDPC technology include:

  • The patent pending Zero-Voltage Switching technology that allows for significantly higher frequencies, better efficiency, smaller size, and longer life cycles than current technologies.
  • Universal Conversion Topology™ – a modular and scalable data-driven architecture that allows the same HW to be configured to any application.

Vensum Power works with electric equipment manufacturers to help them create better and more profitable power conversion solutions for their customers. Vensum Power works with its customers on an ODM basis and can provide a full suite of services from conception to design to production of systems or subsystems.

The genesis of Vensum Power’s technology was in the PhD research of company founder and CEO, Dr. Jyrki Penttonen. Developing further from that he and his research team identified and set out to tackle two fundamental issues of power conversion in the research: poor conversion efficiency and rigid topologies. The team developed the no-loss Zero-Voltage Switching technology of Vensum Power that allows for significantly higher frequencies, smaller size, and longer life cycles than existing technologies.

“Our vision is to enable better, faster, and more robust power conversion solutions for the green energy industry,” says Dr. Penttonen. “The combination of better conversion efficiency and the universal topology results in better, smaller, and less expensive products that fuel the development of the industry and result in better, more environmentally friendly products.

About Vensum Power
Vensum Power is the creator of the Unified Software-Defined Power Conversion (USPDC) technology that enables better, faster, and more robust power conversion solutions for the green energy industry. Vensum Power is backed by Lifeline Ventures and private investors. Vensum Power is based in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit

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