We are Vensum Power

A team committed to disrupting power conversion with new innovations

Aiming to do good

We are committed to preserving the health of our planet for future generations by conserving its limited resources. Saving energy is a critical step in reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Let’s work together towards protecting our planet as we only have one. We’re dedicated to this cause through our commitment to ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring we play our part in creating a more sustainable future for all.

Innovate and deep thinking

Established in 2018, our company was born out of extensive research in deep technology. We firmly believe that learning never stops, and we continuously develop our skills, competencies, and innovations to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in our field.

This approach enables us to identify new opportunities for innovation and stay ahead of the curve. Our love for deep tech challenges and research drives us to push further in our pursuit of innovation, as evidenced by our range of patented and patent-pending technologies.

Building together

We’re an exceptional team of diverse power electronics, model-based systems engineering, and development electronics professionals driven to create innovative products for future generations. We share a common goal by collaborating with our partners, customers, and peers.

Our partnership with electric equipment manufacturers drives profitability through revolutionary power conversion solutions. From ideation to product delivery, we offer end-to-end services that provide expertise, resources, and a customer-focused approach.

We’re dedicated to deliver outstanding results by empowering our partners to stay ahead of the curve in their industry.

Defined by software, backed by science

Power conversion drives the fastest-growing green industries like renewable energy, electric mobility, and energy storage.

Our journey began with addressing the initial problem of outdated, inefficient, and expensive power conversion technology. Through extensive and resilient research, we’ve revolutionized power conversion with our Software Defined Power Conversion (SDPC) approach and framework. SDPC leverages soft switching techniques to minimize losses and deliver superior efficiency, providing a more cost-effective solution through digital conversion control.

In addition to the SDPC framework, our cutting-edge technology enables us to operate at significantly higher switching frequencies than previously possible. This breakthrough allows us to design smaller, more compact converters that don’t compromise on performance.

Our innovative technology is paving the way for the next generation of high-performance, energy-efficient power conversion solutions that will drive the green revolution forward. And this is only the beginning of our journey towards a sustainable future.