About us

Our vision is to enable a growth boom in the power conversion industry with our groundbreaking technology that enables new applications and improves existing ones.

Our team combines experience from the power electronics, telecoms and software industry with leading edge research and deep connections to academia.

Vensum Power was formed in 2018 to enable a revolution in power conversion. Power conversion is a key enabling technology behind some of the fastest growing green businesses such as solar power production, electric vehicle charging, data center optimization. Yet, the technology used for power conversion is decades old, inefficient, and overly expensive.

The Vensum Power Difference

Our unique advantage lies in our holistic approach to understanding and redefining power conversion technology. Our team combines experience from the telecoms and software industry with leading edge research and deep connections to academia. This has allowed us to create the most modern conversion architecture in the industry and without legacy baggage, we can move faster than anyone else in the industry.

Vensum Power’s patent-pending Adaptive Zero-Voltage Switching™ (AZVS) technology and the groundbreaking Universal Conversion Topology™ provides 10x better performance than conventional power conversion technologies through faster switching speed, lower energy losses, better scalability and reliability, longer service life, and significantly smaller device size.

Vensum Power aims to be a leading provider of Software-Defined solutions for the power conversion industry, benefiting application areas such as AC Drives, Electric Vehicles, Solar, Data Center Power, Grid Voltage Support, and Arc Suppression Coils.

Vensum Power was founded by a management team with an extraordinary track record of innovation and business creation in telecommunications and power electronics.

Vensum Power is backed by one of the leading Nordic early-stage investors, Lifeline Ventures, and private investors. Lifeline has earlier invested in companies such as Applifier, Better Doctor, Iceye, Norsepower, and Supercell.

Vensum Power will enable new applications and improve existing ones by applying its groundbreaking new technologies, working together with our ecosystem partners.