Vensum Power’s patented Software-Defined Power Conversion™ (SDPC) technology delivers up to 3X more power from the same footprint, giving you faster charging and increased capacity.

Less Energy Waste

The higher efficiency race in power conversion is over, and we made it. We can make conversion so efficient, that there’s no room to improve with feasible investment, and we still have potential to optimize.


Our lean topology provides higher reliability compared to conventional topologies calculated with Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rules. Additionally, it has lower component consumption and more controlled heat generation.

The definitive power solution for a sustainable future


We know…

…that power conversion must be more intelligent, more efficient, and more adaptable to industry needs. That’s why we focus on developing software-defined power converters (SDPC), a new generation of converters that brings significant advantages over traditional analog solutions.

Software-defined power converters give you precise and flexible control over the power conversion process. Our converters adapt to changing input/output conditions, such as varying load requirements or input voltage levels. You can get the most out of any power source, save energy, and reduce costs.

Software-defined power converters can be easily reconfigured to support different output voltages and current levels, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re building a solar panel system, an electric vehicle, wind turbines, or a smart grid, our converters adapt to your needs and provide the most reliable and efficient power conversion on the market.

At the heart of our innovation are two key technologies: Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) and Zero Current Switching (ZCS). These game-changing techniques reduce power losses during voltage conversion, increase efficiency and together with higher switching frequency enable smaller, more powerful solutions. Our advanced modeling allows Vensum Power to achieve full potential ZVS/ZCS capability, giving you the best possible performance and efficiency.

If you want to take your power conversion to the next level, try Vensum’s software-defined power converters. Our patented technology makes systems future-proof with more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective power conversion.

SDPC also simplifies the maintenance and repair of power conversion systems, thanks to remote diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities using our proprietary software algorithms. This significantly reduces downtime and repair costs while improving system uptime and reliability through software-based maintenance possibilities.

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