We have developed a set of game-changing technologies to deliver power conversion solutions that are better, less expensive, and more reliable than the current state-of-the-art.

Core innovations

The core innovations powering these solutions are our:

Patented Zero-Voltage Switching technology that allows for significantly higher frequencies, better efficiency, smaller size, and longer life cycles than current technologies.

Universal Conversion Topology™ – a modular and scalable data-driven architecture that allows the same HW to be configured to any application.

We work with electric equipment manufacturers to help them create better and more profitable power conversion solutions for their customers. We work with our customers on an ODM basis and can provide a full suite of services from conception to design to production of systems or subsystems.

We work in close collaboration with our clients with our state-of-the art design, simulation, testing, and manufacturing facilities to accelerate the design process and our customers’ time-to-market.

Customer benefits

The leading-edge innovations behind Vensum Power provide a variety of benefits to customers:

10x better performance

Vensum Power solutions offer far better efficiency, better scalability and reliability, longer service life, and smaller size than any other vendor on the market.

Smaller energy losses

Our patented technology, higher switching frequency and high-performance GaN FET based circuits reduce energy losses by up to 30%.

Fastest implementation on the market

With only three stackable core modules that scale horizontally and vertically and fully data-driven configuration, Vensum Power solutions enable faster application development than ever before.

The only fully universal topology

The same topology fits all applications – this provides for ultimate design flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Driven by deep research

Vensum Power technology and solutions are based on original deep research that represents and advances the theoretical state-of-the art and provides the best possible performance.