Triple The Power

The world is hungry for more power. Vensum Power delivers up to 3X the power of competing designs with the same footprint. The high-power density of our solutions translates into faster charging times, faster vehicle throughput, lower cost of infrastructure, and extended operating ranges.

High-power charging stations offer faster charging times, getting the vehicles back on the road sooner. This means more convenience and less waiting, making EVs more practical and convenient – an essential feature of modern EV charging infrastructure.

High-power charging is a game-changer for long-distance operation, providing quick recharging capabilities that extend the range of EVs. It is also essential for future-proofing charging stations. As battery technology advances, higher power charging will be necessary to take full advantage of newer electric vehicles’ potential range and performance.

High-power charging stations can serve more vehicles in less time, ultimately reducing the overall cost of building and maintaining charging infrastructure. This creates a greater return on investment for charging station operators and a more cost-effective solution for expanding EV charging infrastructure.